Frequently Asked Questions

1Are pets allowed?
Pets are welcome! However, we do have breed restrictions.
2What are your lease terms?
We offer 12-month leases for residential properties. We offer “one semester or two-semester” leases for student properties.
3Do you offer any specials for students?
Yes! We allow students to do “Summer Holding” with the signing of a one year lease. This reduces the rate of rent during June and July for those students who may want to hold their apartment but still go home for the summer. Summer Holding does come with a specific set of apartment access rules. Please call for more information.
4Can I view an apartment before I rent it?
Absolutely. We will show you the unit available before you sign any contracts.
5Can you pick a roommate for me?
Unfortunately, we do not offer roommate placement. We will be happy to lease an apartment to you and your already selected roommate(s).
6When is my deposit due?
Your deposit can be turned in as soon as you decide you want a unit. However, it is due by the time your application is approved and before you sign your lease.
7What is required to get out of my lease?
A thirty-day notice to vacate from the first of the month is required to end your lease, as well as completion of your leasing terms.